2015, No. 1


Borut Mikulec, Formation of Adult Education Policy from a European Perspective

Alan Tuckett, Katarina Popović, Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose: Adult Literacy Since 2000 – a Civil Society Perspective

Dragan Bulatović, The Heritage Studies as the Foundation for the Preservation of Humanities

Radivoje Kulić, Srećko Milačić, Igor Đurić, Quality of Human Potential and Economic Growth at the National Level

Sandra Lee Morrison, Adult Education within a Circular Migration Scheme. A Case Study from New Zealand

Sabina Jelenc Krašovec, Older Adults in Public Open Spaces – Activities and the Role of Learning

Jovan Miljković, Marija Schramm, Organisational Subculture and Employee Education

Marija Mijušković, Saša Simović, Metacognitive Strategies that Enhance Reading Comprehension in the Foreign Language University Classroom

Jelena Anđelković Labrović, Gordana Milosavljević, , Possibilities for the Application of the Concept of Personal Learning Environments in E-Learning 2.0


World Education Forum 2015, Incheon Declaration: - Education 2030: Towards Inclusive and Equitable Quality Education and Lifelong Learning for All


Alan Knox, Jost Reischmann, In Memoriam Dušan Savićević 1926-2015.

European InfoNet Adult Education - Uwe Gartenschlaeger: Quality and Equality in World Education

Jovan Miljković, Book review - Aleksandra Pejatović and Violeta Orlović Lovren: Employment and education after fifty