2023, No. 1


Nikola Koruga, Critique as the Foundation for Adult Learning Grounded in Utopian Thinking

Jesus Jaime-Diaz, Disrupting Hegemonic Whiteness: Testimonios as Critical Race Counter-Narratives along the Community College Pathway

Aleksandar Ostojić, Predrag Krstić, Sanja Iguman, Why Divert from the Path?: Education and Travel

Borut Mikulec, Mário Jorge Martins Pinto Ferreira, Nélia Vicente, Implementation of the European Agenda for Adult Learning in Portugal and Slovenia

Mien Segers, Maurice de Greef, Jan Nijhuis, Merel Heimens Visser, Measuring the Impact of Literacy Programs on Social Inclusion, Health, and Labour Market Participation: A Study of a Dutch Program

Zora Krnjaić, Kristina Grujić, Teodora Vuletić, How Students Report about Their Education Experiences during the First Year of Covid-19 Pandemic?

Nikolina Kuruzović, Vesna Barzut, Marija Volarov, Ivana Novakov, Motivational and Personality Factors in Sports Coaches’ Non-formal Education


Aleksandra Kozyra, Unsettling the Water: Adult Learning and Women’s Empowerment across the Globe

Majda Ričer, Uroš Kuzmanović, Kristina Robertson, “Designing Public Spaces for All” – Reflections from Andragogy Students on Their Participation in an Erasmus+ Blended Intensive Program

Fergal Finnegan, Diana Holmqvist, Maja Maksimović, Democratic Dialogue and Debate by the Danube: Conference Report from the Active Democratic Citizenship and Adult Learning ESREA Network