2013, No. 1


Petra Steiner, The Role of Professional Culture in Adult Education: Profession as an Open and Dynamic Concept
Jasna Adamov, Stanislava Olić, Mirjana Segedinac, Stefan Ninković, Merima Kovačević, Scientific Literacy of Adults in Vojvodina
Maurice de Greef, Alexander van Deursen, Marga Tubbing, Development of the DIS-scale (Diagnostic Illiteracy Scale) in order to Reveal Illiteracy among Adults
Bora Kuzmanović, Nebojša Petrović, Personal and Social Goals of Students in the Context of their Professional Orientation
Steffi Robak, Marion Fleige, Provision Structures of Cultural and Intercultural Education— Results and Interpretation
Branislava Knežić, Maja Savić, Education in Prison: From Human Rights to Implementation
Milica Marušić, Aleksandra Pejatović, Factors of Teacher Participation in Professional Development
Milan Stančić, Olja Jovanović, Nataša Simić, The Perspectives on Education for Future Teachers: What They Believe in, What do They Aspire for, and What They Would Like to Work on in Teaching
Marija Bogićević, Coaching – the Concept, Types and Executive Coaching
Nada Kačavenda Radić, School Excursions - the Nexus of Pedagogy, Andragogy, and Tourism


Law on Adult Education


Katarina Popović, Maja Maksimović, Anticipating skills needs at EU level - Report on EU Skills Panorama
Aura Vuorenrinne, Erasmus+ increases financial support for adult education
Tamara Nikolić Maksić, Bojan Ljujić, Dr. Fred Newman and Dr. Phyllis Goldberg: A Guide to Continuous Personal Growth and Development - Let's Develop!