2013, No. 2


Aleksandar Bulajić, The Question of Learning: The System-Information Interaction Model and Types of Learning

George Koulaouzides, Alexis Kokkos, Divergence and Convergence in Transformative Learning: Insights from the "Old Continent" and the "New World"

Zorica Milošević, Snežana Medić, Katarina Popović, Value Differences as a Challenge in Intergenerational and Intercultural Learning

Marija Pavkov, Mile Živčić, Meaning and Role of the Terms “Competencies” and “Skills” in Adult Education in the Context of Acquiring Expertise and Personality Development

Radovan Antonijević, Intellectual Education as Preparation for Lifelong Learning

Ekkehard Nuissl von Rein, International Support to Adult Education: Is Assistance with Setting up Adult Education in a Foreign Country Possible?

Nataša Vujisić Živković, Socio-historical Aspects of the Development of Professional Education in Serbia

Dejan Lalović, Jovana Jovović, Verbal Fluency and Possibilities for Application in the Assessment of the Language Abilities of Older People

Dragana Mitrić Aćimović, Implementation and Evaluation of Group Work Programmes for Prisoners


NIACE, Program for the International Assessment of Adult Competence (PIAAC) National Institute of Adult Continuing Education (NIACE) report


Nikola Koruga, Jovana Pajović, Strengthening the profession and increasing the participation of adults in learning

Tamara Nikolić Maksić, Lifelong Learning in Europe (LLinE) Body, feelings, and learning

Maja Maksimović, Andreas Fejes and Magnus Dahlstedt: The Confessing Society - Foucault, Confession and the Practice of Lifelong Learning