2014, No. 1


Dubravka Mihajlović, Edisa Kecap, BeLL Research – Benefits of Lifelong Learning in Serbia

Radivoje Kulić, Igor Đurić, The Quality of Human Resources and Competitive Ability of the National Economy

Jasmina Milošević Stolić, Šefika Alibabić, Educational Support for the Managerial Activities of Military Officers

Slavica Drašković, Human Resource Management Employees – Mapping the Areas of Activity in Which Knowledge of Andragogy is Needed

Lazar Marićević, Leadership Factors

Jan Nijhuis, Mien Segers, Maurice de Greef, Arjan Beune, The Perceived Sense of Urgency of Prevention of Low Literacy Problems Among Citizens in the Netherlands

Maja Maksimović, Branislava Knežić, A Different View on the Research Process: Writing an Academic Paper from the Perspective of Transformative Learning Theory

Aleksa Jovanović, Transformative Learning in the Novel Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse

Ivana Ćirković Miladinović, Language Learning Strategies Used by Adult Learners: Benefits for the Teacher as a Researcher


EAEA (European Association for the Education of Adults) response to the consultation on the EU2020 strategy

2014 GEM Final Statement: The Muscat Agreement

Sustainable development goals - proposal of the Open Working Group


Bojan Ljujić, Tamara Nikolić Maksić, Bojana Škorc: Creativity in interaction - Psychology of creativity

Nikola KorugaThe region of Southeast Europe to meet the Third Round of PIAAC research