2020, No. 1


Balázs Németh, Ola Issa, Farah Diba, Sir Alan Tuckett, Learning Cities and Learning Communities: Analyzing Contextual Factors and Their Impacts on Adult and Lifelong Learning in Urban Settings

Tadej Košmerl, Marta Gontarska, Yeonjoo Kim, Paula Cristina E. Guimarães, Helping to Postpone the last Whimper: Adult Learning and Education for Sustainable Development in the National Energy and Climate Plans of Poland, Portugal, and Slovenia

Vanna Boffo, Letizia Gamberi, Hyejeen Lim, Noor Aisha, Entrepreneurship Education around the World: A Possible Comparison

Debora Daddi, Vanna Boffo, Debahash Buragohain, Tobi Charles Iyaomolere, Programs and Methods for Developing Entrepreneurial Skills in Higher Education

Hajdana Glomazić, Isidora Ljumović, Krsto Jakšić, The Role of Formal Entrepreneurship Education for the Creation of a New Generation of Entrepreneurs

Attila Károly Molnár, Mária Kraiciné Szokoly, Prison Andragogy, or Learning Opportunities in Hungarian Prisons

Ana Kuzmanović Jovanović, Academic Writing from the Perspective of Critical Pedagogy: A form of Resistance to Neoliberal Ideology in Higher Education

Bojan Ljujić, Mirjana Senić Ružić, Students as Creators of Education Content in Online Adult Education

Bojana Trivunović, Olivera Gajić, The Application of the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Concept in Industry and Education–Implications for a Change of University Practice


Milica Marušić Jablanović, Training for Adults - How to Evaluate It? On Training for Adults – Encounter of Expectations and Assessments, by Aleksandra Pejatović

Radivoje Kulić, About book by Kristinka Ovesni: On Andragogical Aspects of Organizational Climate and Organizational Learning